Thursday, 5 June 2014

CW14 is going to Ireland!

Hello Folks
In my last post I said we were taking a year out ... with no funding at all this year, we just simply could not go ahead ... OR COULD WE!!

Just 2 months ago I was in Ireland performing at WORDS run by The Art Hand. Sean Corcoran who owns the Art Hand with his lovely wife Miranda, is the Artistic Director of Tramore Festival.

While I was over for Words Sean invited me to a meeting about the Festival and so the vision began: What if a group of 6 of us could be part of Tramore Festival?

                                                      Artwork by Miranda Corcoran

Sean has worked tirelessly and thanks to Keith Daniels and Mary Daniels from Tramore Tourism, we have secured funding for  6 of us to travel to perform and be part of the Festival. Hoorah!

We will be accommodated by the good people of Tramore and Bonmahon. We can't wait!

Cheryl Beer (that's me!)
Mab Jones
Fiona Winter
Sam Collins
Anne Lister
Lloyd Roberts

will be heading over on 5th - 8th July

Here is a link to the festival facebook page:

The Festival will mark the Anniversary of the 4 rescue workers who were killed at Tramore 15 years ago. We feel very privileged to be invited. 

Monday, 20 January 2014

CW is taking a year out ...

Celtic Womenfest is taking a year out. 
After 4 years, we are taking time in 2014 to reflect and evaluate. 

Founder and Director of the Event, Cheryl Beer will let you know towards the end of this year is there is likely to be a CW15.

Many thanks for your continued support and love